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Etiquette on Playing Golf

There are rules to follow when playing on the green. You do no just go there, hit some golf balls into some holes, and then just move to the next hole. Golf has rules. Some golf books contain long and descriptive details about golf rules. This article will provide not a long and descriptive detail about the golf rules but just five basic etiquette rules and guidelines. These are guidelines that experienced players need to reacquaint themselves with as much as the beginners need to know.


Tee Time

Most often than not, you would reserve a tee time to arrive at the golf course. Whenever a tee time is being scheduled, please show up on time for the tee. It is quite rude to make an appointment and just miss it. You and your group would miss your spot if you miss your tee time. You would have to wait for another opening. It is always a good idea to arrive early to avoid this. You can even do warm ups by just hitting a few balls while waiting.


Be sure to bring your equipment with you. You can borrow clubs from your companions but it would be advisable not to bother them by constantly borrowing their golf clubs. Be sure to have all the golf clubs you would need when arriving at the golf course. You should also have enough golf tees and golf balls with you.

Dress code

Be sure to check first with the dress code of the golf course where you will be playing. A lot of golf courses require a certain outfit. Most golf courses are okay with khaki shorts and button up shirt. But again, please check before you don one. It is sometimes up to the player which golf gloves and golf shoes to use. And do not forget to bring some extra loose bills for tipping purposes.

Golf Course

Please take care of the beautiful golf courses. There are rules regarding the golf cart that needs to be strictly followed. You are not supposed to drive just anywhere you want on the greens and hazards. Do not forget to repair any ball marks or divots on the green. A divot should not be used on a practice swing. Kindly rake the sand traps to erase your footprints and any damage to the area where the ball was.

Pace your game appropriately

People get easily annoyed especially if they have to wait in line. This is rude. You should be ready when it is your turn. You can wave the faster groups if you play or move a little slowly. You should keep pace with the group that came before you. You do not need to waste precious time looking for your lost ball.


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